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TBR Technologies is the site for top of the line open source hardware and all of the accessories to get the most out of it.

Here is a sampling of what we do:

  • Open Source Hardware

All of our processor boards, as well as any add-on boards which require a processor are designed around the Freescale MC9S08 family.

Since the designs are all open source, you can download the schematics and gerbers for any of the boards to use in any way you wish (of course, with the licensing terms being followed).

We are open to suggestions about what type of hardware that you want to see us distribute.  You can post your suggestions on the forum, as well as discuss with your peers about their suggestions.  We also have a community group on LinkedIn which you can join.

  • Accessories

We have extensive industry contacts that enable us to source a whole range of accessories to use with the boards. Please visit our Accessories page to see what we have now, and feel free to tell us in the Forums what accessories you'd like to see us distribute.

  • Firmware Libraries available to download (FREE!)

What good is an embedded processor board without firmware?  Well, we will offer drivers for all of the peripheral functions on the boards, as well as the add-on boards.

What's more, we'll be letting you upload any drivers that you write so that you can share them with the community.

We have posted coding and documentation standards that we want you to follow, so that we will have a consistent set of libraries.

  • Community

We are not only setting up this site for TBR, but also for you, the community of developers that want to contribute their designs to the open source community as well.  This means that when you have a design that you want to share, we will work with you to get it into a state where it can be distributed.

  • Support

We have a couple of different ways for you to get the top notch support that you want.  The Forums are your best place to start for general questions.  For urgent requests, you can always email us and we'll respond to you in a really short time.

  • Products Made in USA

We assemble all of the products that we manufacture in the USA.  This includes all of the processor boards and the add-on boards.  The accessories we try to source from American companies, and most of the time we are successful.  The LCDs are manufactured in Southeast  Asia.

  • RoHS Compliance

All of the products that we manufacture are RoHS compliant.  Products that we distribute that are manufactured by other companies are not all RoHS compliant.  We make all efforts to only source RoHS compliant products.  Compliance or non-compliance is shown for each product on its product page.



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